Barnham, Suffolk

  • #1 Looking the length of Water Lane.

  • #2 Turning into Church Lane.

  • #3 Looking back towards Water Lane from the top of Church Lane.

  • #4 Looking towards the top of Church Lane.

  • #5 Barnham St Gregory.

  • #6 The village sign.

  • #7 Looking up The Street towards the A134 from the sign.

  • #8 Looking down The Street towards Euston.

  • #9 Towards Euston but from further back.

  • #10 Headstones.

  • #11 Blacksmith Lane.

  • #12 Towards the War Memorial.

  • #13 The memorial itself.

Barnham is a small village located about 3 miles south of Thetford. An absolutely beautiful place that contains numerous thatched cottages, Barnhams origins are in agriculture.

How is Barnham linked into the tree?

Barnham is where my fifth great-grandparents Benjamin Bird and Ann Pegg were married. A number of their children including my fourth great-grandfather George were christened there.