Fakenham Magna, Suffolk

  • #1 The village sign.

  • #2 Looking towards the A1088 from Bardwell Road.

  • #3 At the junction of Bardwell Road and the A1088.

  • #4 A thatched cottage in Fakenham.

  • #5 St Peters, Fakenham Magna through the trees.

  • #6 A closer view of St Peters.

  • #7 The church tower.

  • #8 The graveyard on a frosty morning.

  • #9 Some very old headstones at the side of the church.

  • #10 St Peters from behind.

  • #11 Looking up the A1088 towards Euston.

  • #12 Some dwellings.

  • #13 A large interesting building.

  • #14 Looking down the A1088 towards Honington.

  • #15 Another large house in Fakenham.

Fakenham Magna is a small village situated on the A1088.

How is Fakenham Magna linked into the tree?

Fakenham Magna is the village where around half of Bejamin Bird and Ann Peggs children were christened. The other half were christened at Barnham