Rattlesden, Suffolk

  • #1 Looking down the driveway of Clopton Green Farm.

  • #2 Cottages on Clopton Green Farm.

  • #3 More cottages on Clopton Green Farm.

  • #4 Lower Road looking towards Half Moon Street, the Brewers Arms on the right.

  • #5 A thatched cottage on the corner of Half Moon Street.

  • #6 Lower Street. The church is up on the left, Birds Green is bottom right.

  • #7 St Nicholas, Rattlesden.

  • #8 A closer view of the parish church.

  • #9 St Nicholas and some very old headstones.

  • #10 A view across the graveyard towards the High Street.

  • #11 Headstones looking back towards Lower Road.

  • #12 Looking back again.

  • #13 Lots and lots of old, old headstones.

Rattlesden sits in a valley in probably the hilliest area of Suffolk. Through it runs the 'River Rat', a major tributary of the river Gipping. A village with a long history linked with navigation, it's name apparently comes from having hosted an encampment of Danes in the 9th century.

How is Rattlesden linked into the tree?

Rattlseden was the residence of Arthur Bird, Amelia Simmonds and their family for a number of years. Some of his children were born there to name one, Bertha Emily.