Rymer, Suffolk

  • #1 Looking back up towards the A134 from outside Rymer Farmhouse.

  • #2 Rymer Farmhouse.

  • #3 Another view of Rymer Farmhouse.

  • #4 More dwellings further down from Rymer Farmhouse.

  • #5 Present day Rymer House. The location of the original is unknown.

  • #6 Looking across towards the Water Tower.

  • #7 Looking away from the A134 towards RAF Honington.

Rymer has got to be the smallest place with a name in the world - even smaller than Wordwell. Rymer seems to consist of a Farm and Farmhouse, fittingly called Rymer Farmhouse and another dwelling on the other side of the road called Rymer House. Some ancestors of mine, Benjamim and Ann Bird lived at a Rymer House, although the present day building appears far to modern to be the Rymer House of the late 1700's.

How is Rymer linked into the tree?

Rymer was the residence of Benjamin Bird and Ann Pegg (my fifth great-grandparents) in the late 18th century and also the birth place of George Bird (my fourth great-grandfather) and a number of his siblings.