Timworth, Suffolk

  • #1 St Andrews, Timworth, from the adjoining field.

  • #2 St Andrews from the front gate.

  • #3 A front view of the church.

  • #4 The entrance arch of St Andrews.

  • #5 The end of the church.

  • #6 The graveyard of St Andrews.

Timworth is another small village, just a couple of miles east of Culford. There's not much left of Timworth nowadays and I'm not sure there ever was that much of it. The church seems relatively isolated, surrounded by fields and it seems reasonable to assume that there were once dwellings in closer proximity to the church than that of the present day buildings.

How is Timworth linked into the tree?

Timworth is only a couple of miles away from the main villages of the Culford estate. My first cousin, four times removed, George Bird brought up his family here. Our common ancestor was my fourth great-granparent George Bird and Rose Edwards.