West Stow, Suffolk

  • #1 West Stow village sign.

  • #2 A thatched cottage at West Stow.

  • #3 A view up the road, back towards Wordwell.

  • #4 Looking down towards Fornham.

  • #5 Path leading up to St Marys church.

  • #6 St Marys church.

  • #7 The entrance porch to St Marys. Locked.

  • #8 The tower at St Marys.

  • #9 St Marys graveyard.

West Stow is a small village, around 4 miles north of Bury St Edmunds and is perhaps most famous today for it's archaeology, being the site of an unearthed Anglo-Saxon village. Once one of the most populous areas in England, nowadays you'll be luckly to see another person. If you want peace and quiet this is the area to visit. St Marys in the photos is the local church.

How is West Stow linked into the tree?

West Stow district features quite a lot in Bird history, but it's unknown whether they actually lived in the village. My third great-granduncle William Bird settled in the area and had a number of children there.