Woolpit, Suffolk

  • #1 The village sign.

  • #2 Looking across towards Rectory Lane.

  • #3 Away from the church towards Heath Road.

  • #4 Looking towards the triangle at the centre of the village.

  • #5 St Marys, Woolpit.

  • #6 The elaborate porch of St Marys.

  • #7 Some graves in St Marys churchyard.

  • #8 More headstones.

  • #9 The triangle at Woolpit village centre.

  • #10 Another view of the village centre.

  • #11 Looking down Rags Lane.

  • #12 Further up Rags Lane.

  • #13 Looking back down Rags Lane towards the village centre.

Woolpit is a beautiful viilage about halfway between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. Nowadays more famous for being a regular winner of 'village of the year', Woolpit is famous for it's legend of the 'Green children of Woolpit', a tale about two strange children who reportedly appeared in the village in the 12th century, a brother and sister that sported green skin and spoke a strange language. When they learned English, they explained that they came from the 'Land of St Martin', which was dimly lit because the sun never rose far above the horizon. One day, while tending their father's herd, they heard the faraway sound of bells. They crossed a "river of light" and found themselves in Woolpit. After some time the boy, who had always appeared sickly, died. The girl went to work in the local manor house, and later married a man from King's Lynn.

How is Woolpit linked into the tree?

Woolpit was the residence of the Bird family for a number of years in the 1930's when they occupied a property named 'The Firs' in Rags Lane. A number of Bird's a buried here (see the field trip here)