Culford, Suffolk

  • #1 The Street, Culford, from Benyon Gardens.

  • #2 Looking up the Street towards Wordwell.

  • #3 Further up, near the entrance to Culford Hall.

  • #4 Entering the ground of Culford Hall.

  • #5 St Marys, Culford from the grounds of Culford Hall.

  • #6 The church from the graveyard.

  • #7 A closer view of St Marys.

  • #8 Looking towards the side entrance.

  • #9 The tower.

  • #10 Headstones.

  • #11 Another view of the graveyard.

  • #12 Culford Hall.

  • #13 The hall from the front.

Culford is a small village about 4 miles north of Bury St Edmunds. Home of Culford Hall, it was once the centre of the Culford Estate which included the surrounding villages of Wordwell and West Stow. Culford Hall and it's grounds have been a school since 1935 when it was sold by William Cadogan, the 7th Earl Cadogan following the death of it's owner, Gerald Oakley Cadogan, the 6th Earl of Cadogan in 1933.

How is Culford linked into the tree?

Culford is the birth place of Arthur Bird, my second great-grandfather and the residence of the Bird family for over ten years.